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LEFT UNITY, the anti-austerity coalition launched by the film director Ken Loach, has announced its first general election candidate to stand in Scotland. Bruce Whitehead, a former Edinburgh Evening News journalist is contesting the Edinburgh North & Leith seat currently held Mark Lazarowicz of pro-austerity Labour. 

Bruce says: "If Greece can elect an anti-austerity government then we can build a socialist alternative here. Time's up for the three Westminster austerity parties and the people of Leith and Edinburgh North now have a genuine socialist alternative."

Left Unity is standing candidates in partnership with TUSC, the Trades Union Socialist Coalition of workers, community campaigners and socialists - united on the need for mass resistance to cuts in social services and jobs, and which calls for an alternative programme of left-wing policies to inspire and direct such resistance.

Bruce Whitehead

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Left Unity is a new political party, founded because the main parties all support the policies they call 'austerity': deep cuts in public spending designed to destroy the social and economic gains working people have made over many decades.

Unlike other parties, in Left Unity your voice matters. Everything in our manifesto has been discussed, debated and voted on by our members over a series of national conferences.

If you’d like to join us in building the new party of the left in Britain, and would like to have a say in how it is run, become a member today.




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