On Thursday 10 September the people of Leith will elect two councillors to the City of Edinburgh Council for the Leith Walk ward. There are ten candidates in total, with Bruce Whitehead standing for Left Unity, along with the Scottish Socialist Party's Natalie Reid. The two parties have agreed to ask their supporters to give their second preference to the other party in the interests of solidarity.

Bruce Whitehead said: "I am pleased to see that two strong socialist candidates are being offered to voters in Leith Walk, when the four austerity parties are still offering more cuts, more hardship and more worthless promises. The SNP and Labour council coalition are planning £24m of cuts in spending, hundreds fewer jobs in essential services and nothing but more austerity. Housing costs are still soaring for tenants, wages and conditions are falling, and benefits are being slashed across the board.

"Left Unity and the SSP are offering a real alternative to capitalist parties' aggression towards working and vulnerable citizens, and voters should reject their broken promises and give socialist policies a chance, as they are doing across Europe. As there are two seats in contention, it is natural that we should co-operate with the SSP by asking our supporters to give their second preference votes to Natalie Reid."

Bruce Whitehead was selected to represent Left Unity after standing for the party in the general election for the Edinburgh North & Leith seat, which includes Leith Walk.


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